More anger

My life is clearly becoming over-run by my hatred of pretentious geographers. But the first step to dealing with a problem is recognizing it (or so I'm told) so I think I'm going to be ok. And having recognized the problem I'm now going to give a few more examples of its atrociousness:

First up, a 2004 paper by the papaya empathizer Ian Cook and his cohorts "seeks to contextualise, rupture, re-contextualise 'exotic fruitiness' at three different sites". Yes, that's right, he wants to "rupture [and] re-contextualise 'exotic fruitiness'." What the fuck is that supposed to mean you cloth-faced twatflap?

And then there's some more from the Blue Antelope Collective, this time PhD student Merle Patchett: "Through this process of ‘opening-out’ the bluebuck’s histories, time must also be taken to attempt, where possible, to colour wider narratives with the intersecting biographies of people and other objects involved in the specimen’s afterlife and thus depict the relational matrix the object is caught up in." So stuffed animals and other museum specimens no longer have histories, they are instead caught up in a relational matrix. What is it about these people that compels them to invent such ridiculous terminology? Is it because they realise the inherent worthlessness of their contributions and must mask this with elaborate and meaningless words?

Particularly entertaining is that one of her fellow antelope-imaginers goes by the name of Erica Fudge.